Northwest Environmental Consulting (NWEC) was founded in 2006 and is an environmental consulting firm providing environmental and permitting service to public agencies and private organizations including design and construction firms, developers, and architects. NWEC’s goals are to provide personal and accountable services at a reasonable cost. NWEC is a certified Small Contractor and Supplier with King County, Washington.

Northwest Environmental Consulting Services include:

  1. Wetland delineations, classification, functions assessment, and critical areas studies

  2. Wetland mitigation plan design and monitoring studies

  3. Biological Evaluation (BE) or Assessment (BA) for Endangered Species Act compliance

  4. Permitting - including Section 404 and 401 Permits, HPA, Shoreline permits, NPDES,

  5. SEPA/NEPA process and document preparation including EIS, EA, Checklists, and discipline reports

  6. Construction oversight of wetland mitigation and stream restoration projects

  7. Stream habitat inventory and impact assessment

  8. Marine Mammal Monitoring and Marbled Murrelet Monitoring

  9. Environmental document review